Bear Creek Recording Studio
About Us

Justin Mayer, owner/chief engineer, started his studio career by building on a 4-track analog recorder when he was 18. Thirty-two years later he has made Bear Creek one of the area's most established studios.

"A friend's dad had set up a small recording studio next to their house near where I grew up. The first time I walked in I felt the creative vibe and knew that I had found my life's vocation."

"Recording engineering is about listening more than anything. Listening to the artist's needs and vision; listening to what the music is trying to convey. Listening to the musical instruments and how they interact with each other and the recording equipment. It's from here that creative decisions can be made."

Justin is a musician who currently plays music from Zimbabwe in an 8-piece marimba band.

At Bear Creek we specialize in fine recordings of acoustic and electronic music from around the world including folk, rock, blues, jazz, singer-songwriter, reggae, children's music, classical, choral, trance-dance and more.

The atmosphere is relaxed yet efficient.

We'd be honored to record your next CD.


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